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  • Butterfly medication

    butterfly medication

    some know it as infatuation
    inturnal, exturnal, eturnal intocitation
    cerebral inundation
    fields full of dreamers
    are we not flowers?
    blooming then drying
    sorry about nothing
    maybe sometimes birth
    and most times dying?
    o and the depth of a scattered rain
    darkness of isolation and quarintine
    doctor’s prescriptions becoming the pain
    doors and desks and a so-called friend
    i’m not sure where sadisum or sarcasium fits in
    my first mother’s quest is close to the end
    its not funny, the word depression
    trying to cure a global infection
    on a corupt and colapsing foundation
    god fly me far, far away
    with butterfly medication


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    The second,
    Beautiful words about trying to cope with what's happening in today's society
    ~David I, Fox.


    • The second
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      many thanks david fox my mail box is out of order

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    Nice light touch of a heavy reality.


    • The second
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      Thanks in the summer heat i do reflect on your smile