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    I'd like to share with you the lyrics to the song 'Time Travelin' featured on the album "Star, Life and Eagle" by The Doorman. Listen to all of the songs at !


    time travelin’ ain’t a whole lot of fun
    you start to bleed from your ears and you might date your mum
    I know from experience when I crossed that line
    I persuaded my dad to take his own life

    and when you go backwards to find that girl
    you run into a copy at the end of the world
    they wanted me to change the past all the time
    but I shook hands with ‘the devil’ and he turned out to be a very nice guy

    John Wilkes Booth still got to shoot when I broke the 4th wall
    another suicide note, why did you make Peg jump off of the “H”?
    stowed away in Apollo 10, I tried to land it
    bet on the Mets in ’86 so I could spend it

    I went to her parent’s place with a straight face
    and I thought “will you remember me?”
    her mother opened the door and did not recognize me
    she said that Mary Beth was sleeping sound but had to be fed
    I said “let’s grab a bite” but then she started pushing me out

    when I returned you were away
    now half the girls are a world away