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  • Relinquished Distinguished

    Just a little sarcasm

    Relinquished Distinguished ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    I need help and I need help now
    I'm going crazy I'm having a cow
    You see I've invested a lot of cash
    Now I'm afraid it's going to crash
    I was sold on this whole NWO thing
    I was going to make a lot of " bling "
    There was hint of a " new market "
    So I took out a my pen and marked it
    A facial recognition soft-ware was developed
    I was so giddy I was all enveloped
    I scrambled to get some money together
    Then everybody started feeling under the weather
    I didn't think much at first , what can you do ?
    " It's the flu for God sake , flu smoo " !
    A few people sick so what
    It happens everyday so I bought
    Some stock in the company anyway
    My ship had come in and I was on my way
    Imagine a computer that could recognize you
    Wow I was amazed , what else can they do ?
    Your eyes your nose and mouth tells a story
    I'm going to rich ! , praise God and his glory
    I even took money out of my kids savings
    I know that was me " miss behavin " !
    But what the heck I'm going on " easy street "
    I'll be envious of all I meet
    The stock market is a money rainbow
    Pick an investment and away you go
    Invest on one side and run to the other
    This is easy I'm telling you brother
    These computers are the " bees knees "
    So Invested more in these companies
    Then the virus hit with vengeance
    " And I opted out of buying stock insurance " !
    Then the orders came " everyone wears a mask "
    " Wont that be hard for the recognition task " ?
    Wait wait wait , everyone has to what ?
    No no no , this is wrong , this is nuts !
    How could a computer distinguish a face ?
    Now that a mandatory face mask rule is in place
    So I went by the my company to see the claim
    I was horrified ! , the computer was scanning ,
    Saying , " same , same , same , same "
    The company soon folded and I was broke
    Talk about being " woke "
    These scientist and their computers suck !
    A piece of cloth and I'm out of luck
    This is God's way of saying , " believe and be good "
    Maybe it should of been plywood ?

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    I'm intrigued by your views. I intend to subscribe to your newsletter and send you all of my money to help develop and sell these plywood masks. See you on Easy Street.