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  • 2020 Vision

    Hindsights piercing stare
    Skewers politicians
    As deaths toll goes viral
    Covids Coronation

    Nostalgia invoked
    2m battle lines drawn,
    As we stay at home
    To avoid an ambush

    The unseen enemy
    Encroaches on our live
    Sometimes without a cough
    Is not to be sneezed at

    We’ll meet again
    Rallies the unforgotten
    Everyone but John Cleese
    Allowed to mention the war

    Captain Tom strides with pride
    Patrolling his garden
    Capturing the moment
    Armed with his charity

    As NHS angels
    Whose quiet devotion
    Saves the lives of others
    At the risk of their own

    Doors opening to applause
    Thursday’s handclap thunders
    For courage of kindness
    Rainbows in the background

    Hopes of united earth
    Soiled by a President’s
    Asking WHO is to blame
    But self congratulates

    His medical experts
    Aghast at his musing
    Light and disinfectant
    He suggests might ingest

    Boris promise’s of
    British world beating
    Fail to add up, yet
    Realised in body count

    Facts masked, faces uncovered
    Sage advice prime credits
    Yet care homes uncared for
    Their losses unaccounted

    The casualties subside
    Flattened curve goes down
    As the pirates retreat
    And the “Arrr”fades away

    Lonely are bubble wrapped
    In hugs of family
    Whilst others hold shield
    Weary of its harsh wait

    Workers begin cycle
    Of slow return to wage
    Public transport limits
    Masked protect others

    Furlough economy
    Moves step by step by step
    Towards the new normal
    Face coverings fashion

    We zoom, skype and hangout
    Video calls online
    Internet bonanza
    We watch for second wave.

    Brought to our knees showing
    Respect for a man choked
    Racism endemic
    Cure does not need vaccine

    Unready app off-track
    No trace of the smart phone
    To alert need for tests
    Swab samples some delay

    As icon passed away
    We will meet again
    When research delivers
    The antibodies prompt