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  • for you

    for you

    please, love
    i would do anything for you
    starve forever
    or eat with you
    never leave my room
    stay in loop with you
    destroy every friendship i ever have
    just for you
    learn every word in the dictionary
    change my entire personality
    for the twentieth time this year
    so that you would whisper
    i love you
    through an electronic ear
    never sleep
    becoming an exhausted heap of flesh and bone
    attached at the heart to my smart phone
    i can't even look at myself in the mirror
    but for you dear
    i would parade my body around in broad daylight
    just to hold onto the hope that maybe one day
    you would be there every night
    in my bed
    i dream of every little thing you ever said
    i'm crying for you
    not dying for you
    but still
    i cannot express a single thing to you
    i love you

    :,) pls no bully