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  • We are One

    It's funny how we think,
    Some people are better than others
    It's funny how we believe it so deeply,
    It's engraved into our personalities
    It's funny how we,
    See each other so differently
    It's funny how when we die,
    We all return to where we belong,
    To the Earth.

    Never mattered how rich or poor you are,
    Never mattered how you're shaped,
    Never mattered how dark or light you are,
    We will all go to the same place

    I will be buried in the dirt,
    And so will all the rappers.
    I will be judged for my sins,
    And so will all the politicians

    We are One,
    And we will always be
    Fuck corruption,
    And your shallow minds
    For you who is harming your own kind,
    For we are all the same kind,
    Will forever have a rotten heart

    Pray that this stops,
    Pray that we love,
    Pray that we live,
    Just the way we were meant to be.

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    A good point well made I liked the structure of this and the ending