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The bridge

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  • The bridge

    The bridge we have to rebuild it

    This bridge has been falling apart for

    To many years

    And put the people in this country

    With to much fear

    We have been building this bridge for

    A very long time

    And at the end of it all, it gets

    Us just death and crime

    We can stand no more just watching

    And dodging and talking

    People in this country are taking their

    Last breath

    This bridge is only one way

    That seems to lead to death

    We had to pray and say what is on our mind

    We can't have people turning to a blind eye

    And in the end, just being fined

    We can't wait till tomorrow

    Or the next day

    We have to take action right away

    Our country must all build back the bridge

    There is not that much time

    It will be a big job to climb

    But in the end, it will give us

    All safety and trust

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    Beautiful poem. A poem should have the ability to make the reader feel something. It is different in form from the normal writing, like this poem 'The Bridge'. I love poems. You have a great talent, I wish to see more of your works.