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Jewels and a viper

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  • Jewels and a viper


    Desert crawl
    Canyon call
    Boulevards drip poisonous
    Hills untamed
    Faces unnamed
    Beverly trys to hide her trust
    Taking aim
    Shedding shame
    Fangs seep deep into the upper crust
    Filthy street
    Trick the treat
    Jonny sucks the puss
    Copper’s con
    Junkie’s pawn
    Needles then the thrust
    Ocean tide
    Surfing glide
    Just two sides, them and us
    Under sun
    Concealing gun
    Spent bullets will never rust
    Warring gangs
    Throwing slangs
    C’mon Man, “hop the fucking bus”
    Choking night
    Endless fight
    Who, when and how we must
    Covenant impure
    Separation sure
    Bubbling earth will surely bust

    I heard it said
    The more evil surrounding
    The more GOD abounding

    I’m tired of mother’s
    Babies sucked into rivers
    Gunned down in streets
    Perishing time and time again
    Because of ignorance
    Because of wealth and greed
    Because of someone else’s wars
    Psychotic hypnosis
    No chance of their voices
    Being heard as mine and yours

    Be far left or far right
    Any apple falls straight
    Have you yourself not taken?
    The infamous bite
    I believe in the shackle, broken!!
    Innocent men free
    Native homes given back
    GM categorizing me

    I am an artist dying
    Be I of your talent?
    Or yours of mine?
    Be I of your philosophy?
    Or yours of mine?
    Be I may of what you want?
    From yourself or me?
    I have concluded my life in exile
    I am weak!!
    I am strong!
    I do hate!
    I do love!!!
    Therefore I must have been borne
    Therefore you also must ponder
    Thankfully reading to digest
    Tend to both spirits
    None better than the other
    Lay down the weapons
    Internal and external
    Tongue or tactical
    Become peaceful
    Share in a sanctuary of creation
    Not defecation or separation
    Come into the garden!
    Be a Butterfly, a honey bee
    A mantis procuring
    A flower scouring the thick and thin air of the city
    And scape what you believe

    Be significant and bright
    Nothing hateful
    Be significant to yourself
    Be Significant to me
    Not as some mounting party
    To separate man from man
    Or hateful belief
    From sea to shining sea


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    interesting ok!