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    George vs George ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    Go ahead and Dishonor George Floyd's death by " looting "
    Better yet , Dishonor him further with senseless shootings
    Let's all ' Line up " and fall right into the " Evil Globalist Hands "
    While another George , George Soros strikes up the band
    This guy doesn't care about George Floyd , not one bit !
    But he sure does like going around " ordering " a hit !
    How sick is this George Soros ? how full of hate " ?
    He bused in his "PAID MERCENARIES " from out of state !
    " Trucked in " pallets of bricks for only one reason
    George Soros and " His Mob " should be tried for TREASON !
    The " protesters " were infiltrated by Soros's" anitfa jerks "
    They are the ones who set off the fireworks !
    How do we know ? , look at their dishonest behavior !
    " These weren't Floyd's family and neighbors "
    " George Floyd probably went to some of those businesses " !
    Now take a good look at HIS" HOME TOWN " images !
    George Soros and his "Hateful Horde " are all about " control "
    They are indebted to the Devil with their mortal Souls !
    Floyd's death is just an excuse for these " retched rolling stones "
    Circling like vultures above a kill , to scatter the bones
    Yes I have animosity towards " bad cops " too
    But I know George Floyd's family WILL get their DUE
    In Soros's world , Floyd would have " NO DUE PROCESS " !
    Floyd's death would be looked upon as a success !
    You have to decide which George you want to be with
    Because your actions " null and void YOU Taking the Fifth " !
    I'd stack a hundred George Floyd's up against an army of George Soro's
    With that being said , " Tomorrow Only Knows "
    " Well I'm done relaxing folks , because we're heading towards a waterfall "
    And with George Floyd right along side , I'm ready to answer the " Protocol " !
    Their hate for George Floyd and this Country are fueling the destructive fire
    I'm telling you folks , it's " George vs George " in this " Treacherous Mire " !
    Poor George not even cold !
    But he's not the only one in a stranglehold !

    Last edited by Glen MItton; 05-31-2020, 07:10 PM.