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Marketing(Devils in the detail)

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  • Marketing(Devils in the detail)

    Saddled with mounting midlife crisis
    Satan reviews seduction by vices
    Epiphany erupts from apathy
    Evil enrols on marketing degree

    A grade Student, Top of his class
    Entrepreneur cooking on gas
    One for sorrow his business plan
    Two for joy shiny trap for man

    Encourages to inhabit nest
    More magpie avarice expressed
    Pink for a girl blue for a boy
    Wants turn to need for latest toy

    Three the witches who cast a spell
    Four the horsemen take you to hell
    Witches rebranded eco role models
    Four horsemen, goths angst audible

    Five for silver, six for gold
    Credit grasps them in its hold
    Utility lost appears gain
    Once possessed interest wains

    Seven his secret never told
    Package so perfect looks are sold
    Money talks but we don’t listen
    Barter sense for trinkets glisten

    Eight for a wish, nine for a kiss
    Selling dreams, package of bliss
    More magpie with a birdbrain
    By product falls. acid rain

    Nine a surprise, you can’t resist
    Multipack price too low to miss
    Waste land fill eternity
    Only care for what we see.

    Ten for bargain you can’t dismiss
    Endorsed by sport star and actress
    Product placement down to a tea
    Lets have brew refreshing Tetleys

    Eleven for health, twelve for wealth
    Squandered consumed by self
    Resources stripped, mined for greed
    Population causes planet bleed

    Old hat rings customer service bell
    Devils retirement plan trip to hell
    Offers Hades free home delivery
    On earth due to our activity

    When you buy please read the small print
    Devils in detail, take a hint
    Think before purchase, not fooled by stealth
    Thirteen beware the devil himself