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  • Arduous but deliberate

    ARDUOUS BUT DELIBERATE ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    Who's with me in helping Uncle Sam and Auntie Am ?
    " Our Family " needs help OUR help and that's who I am
    Just think if it was your Mom and Pop out there stranded
    You wouldn't want to see them alone and abandoned
    You'd give them a hand in whatever they need
    You'd do everything you could at Gods speed.
    These two aren't strangers hitchhiking next to a corn field
    This is OUR family and they need OUR SHIELD !
    I once helped an elderly man change a tire one day
    He asked for help and I said , I'm on my way
    I happened to stop for a soda and a snack
    I was glad I was there to have his back
    I didn't care if I was late for work
    I just walked in with a proud smirk !
    I knew if that was my Dad or Grandfather
    I'd hate it if someone walk by and not bother
    This IS family and what's going on is PERSONAL
    What these evil people are doing is " Purposeful "
    That's an adjective like " hairy knuckles "
    " Because these idiots are undoing the seat buckles " !
    It means , having meaning through having an aim
    " Meaning to hurt us in any way , that's their glory to fame
    " They're the ones who cut down the traffic sign in the first place " !
    Just so they could " Dastardly " win a race
    That's another adjective like " Cosmetic "
    Because the way THEY want to " drive " is Pathetic !
    It means , Treacherously , Cowardly
    These are the same people who'd bribe others ,
    To let the weeds grow tall obstructing the view , Undoubtedly !
    It's ironic that the first roadways were called " Rutways "
    Prepared " earth paths " dug by the ancient Greeks in their day
    Because we sure do seem to be in one now
    And it's beyond me how we can let it all be allowed !
    But you're right , where do we turn ? , who do we call ?
    When it seems all the " help " is catering to the Governor's ball !
    Uncle Sam and Auntie Am is needing OUR assistance
    I pray that you and yours will come along THIS rout ,
    And not turn a blind eye with a snooty snout
    The road before us was paved with passion ,
    By the brave men and women who gave their lives
    So that WE could journey forward in Peace and Freedom , and for the U.S.A. to survive !
    The job of " Maintenance " belongs to us , " YOU AND I AND IN GOD WE TRUST "
    It's a two way street and we're heading up ANOTHER steep grade
    ' THEY " on the other hand are waving " US " to pass , that it's okay !
    But we know better from " OUR VIRTUOUS PAST EXPERIENCE "
    That the road that got us to where we are now was " ARDUOUS but DELIBERATE "
    So as the devil's minions continue to thwart OUR path , yet again !
    It would be nice to know that Uncle Sam and Auntie Am were safely picked up
    By someone who was a friend !
    Last edited by Glen MItton; 05-20-2020, 07:13 PM.