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  • Little Egypt

    So I sang the song of the southern wild
    That was my home when I was a child:
    Good dog, muddy creek, the tallest tree,
    A boy swaying at the top to see
    What might be out there in all of that green,
    What it all was and what it might mean.

    Saw the ancient fair in Vanity,
    Could tell right away it was just for me.
    Saw all the world's kingdoms at the same time
    And heard a voice say it could all be mine.
    I almost had it when the branch gave way;
    I fell to the ground where I am today.

    As time passed faster I became aware
    We have two enemies, Pride and Despair.
    Seducers of reason, ensnare and destroy,
    Bring only misery, banish all joy.
    Pride tempts with a fancy dress and a scroll,
    Feeding the glory crave that starves your soul.

    Despair tries to make you afraid and weak,
    Focused only on the big rest you seek.
    Why be engulfed in gloom, you hear it say,
    When nobody really cares anyway?
    Stop hurting the ones you say you love best.
    Get out of the goddamned way of the rest.

    I know you, I say back with a smile.
    You take your shot every once in a while.
    You twist the tale but can't deceive my heart:
    Walking shadow's not much but's still a part.
    I have no idea how or why I'm here,
    But it won't be to live and die in fear.

    I've seen you around, know what you can do -
    Destroy a good person, a target you
    Run down and strip of every bit of hope
    So you can offer a knife or a rope.
    All we want's another breath, room to grow,
    To serve a purpose we may never know.

    Some say help's a comin' just have to wait.
    There's much I don't know is all I've got straight.
    Sometimes I believe, then I can't decide.
    Is belief just another form of pride?
    Greater maybe than we ever dared to hope?
    Or desperate desire trying to cope?

    Wherever there's bait, there's likely a hook,
    But nothing's all you'll find if you don't look.
    I don't know things no one will ever prove,
    But I swear sometimes I can feel it move.
    Can't make the wind blow, but I'll raise a sail,
    Write one more chapter of an idle tale.

    It makes good sense to always doubt my doubts,
    Been lots of cool places by lots of strange routes.
    A dangerous time when you think you know -
    It holds you back because you won't let go.
    I ain't always right 'cause I'm usually wrong.
    All I want's maybe a verse in the song.

    I guess I'm right where I'm supposed to be,
    To be shaped by the things I can't unsee.
    Shape it all back with the words I think feel
    Like our best chance to hope, help, or heal.
    I don't know. Don't have to listen to me.
    All that I am is some boy in a tree.