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Space Pirates of Lol

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  • Space Pirates of Lol

    A planet across the galaxy
    Of the content, blessed with the happy
    They were all so hale and hearty
    And boy could they throw a great party

    But life moved on, On the planet Lol
    Constant humour over time took toll
    Jokes were lost and then the laughter too
    Lol did not lol, irony overdue

    First they tried to style funny hair
    Colours clash, random tufts anywhere
    Men’s shameful moustache, women’s beards
    Funny became normal but weird

    Scientists researched a solution
    Distilled jokes to provide resolution
    Dissection, analysis, killed jokes
    Lols sense of humour completely broke

    Became space pirates in rocket ships
    Kidnapped travellers, ransomed for quips
    Stole others jokes their routines copy
    A comic timing tragedy

    Laughter so rare, they hatched a new plan
    Would hijack cracker supplies from man
    Each one rumour said held their own joke
    Punchlines galore, comedy invoke

    They raided a warehouse, cracker store
    Laid out the jokes sprawled across the floor
    What do you call a blind reindeer ?
    Then read the reply,”No eye deer.”

    Understood the words of the corny chits
    They read the jokes but missed the wit.
    Then they heard a chuckle and giggle
    Found a small boy so full of wriggle

    Told him jokes his laughter infected
    Space pirate humour was resurrected
    They discovered humour should be shared
    And left earth their funny bone repaired

    They realised funny better unforced
    Hilarity can find its own course
    Delight they took and returned to Lol
    A sense of fun was part of their soul

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    All the poems that sharing here is wonderful and very attractive. read more The space pirates are a very good title for this entire poem. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful poems.