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    Sleeping past the desert
    Rain falls elsewhere
    Pilgrims parched, crawl to the promise
    Evolvement is menuet in prayer
    Movement within the soul is swift
    Fury beyond incomparable
    Fleeting are dreams
    But even more so
    Your life
    Séance for many demons
    Substance from the earth
    Nothing more sent from heaven
    No guidance of how to eat
    Milk, honey, mana temple
    Not a single engineer for reconstruction
    Filthy, ignorant one eye
    You cannot feel those before you, trampled
    You can only touch
    Your own selfish loss
    Wealth, control, material
    The structure of a home?
    The very foundations you stole
    The spirit you try to conventionally kill
    Because yours is dead
    Crying because you think
    Night has found you alone
    You are without sight
    Stumbling and falling unprepared
    A Messiah, a Christ is coming
    Not to receive again
    But to deliver
    The power
    The glory forever
    And ever
    The promise
    From the beginning
    Until the end, granting
    The last kiss


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    I read this once. I read it twice. Magnificent


    • The second
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      Thank you jon i am grateful hope you are well and stay well

    • Parkinsonspoet
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      I am well hope you can stay safe too

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