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  • Superimposed

    I thought this was clever , you be the Judge

    Superimposed ( c ) Glen Mitton2020

    It's time for " Al Czervik " to get " Moose and Rocko "
    Because we need help in this " Vicious Vibrato "
    These evil doctors have struck a nerve
    And that's not what any of us deserve
    They're force feeding us from both ends !
    I tell you folks they're not our friends
    They're compromised with one desire
    Fan the flames of their " soft kill " fire
    It can't go out , to much money's at stake
    But you're out of luck if you have a belly ache
    No time for any other impending ailments
    They're not on the scheduled payments
    According to the WHO everything has been cured
    No one's died otherwise that's conferred
    " They died from heart disease , chalk it up to the virus "
    " Cancer virus , tumors virus , constipation virus ,
    " We know we're on to something" , " How's that Gus " ?
    " We found some mention of it on a piece of papyrus " !
    The doctors now have an easy out !
    They can fill in the line , like filling in grout
    It's a shame to see the whole world go nuts
    All because the WHO is now a WHAT !
    They cheated everyone by giving us a bath
    " Moose ! , Rocko ! , help them with their math
    These traitors made a deal with the devil himself
    " Their only interest is gaining wealth "
    We know this and they have been exposed
    This gives new meaning to " superimposed " !
    This is OUR turf and we don't need more chiefs
    What we do need ! , is so some JUSTICE relief
    So Moose , Rocko , out of respect
    Escort these crooks to the " Federal Steps "

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    Glen I enjoyed this but fear there maybe things here I might be missing. I had to google Moose, Rocko and Al Czervik but it did entertain me


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      Thank you for the comment . " Caddyshack " is one of my favorites . Let's hope they're some legitimate men left in our govt that want to preserve our Constitution out there , and if they need a little help in enforcing it my services are available , I'm no Moose or Rocko , but I sure as hell can hold someone so someone else can kick them in the shines