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  • Domain Names????

    Have some Time now On my Hands,
    sitting Here with No set Plans.
    I’m productive Are my Claims,
    searching Unique Domain Names.

    On this Date when Wrote this Rhyme,
    they’re Available at this Time.
    The suggestions Given Here,
    all “Dot Com” still do Appear.

    “Up Yours” offered With a Twist,
    “Fingers the Proctologist.”
    “Stuff ‘Em In” and With some Flair,
    Brand Name for wild Underwear.

    “It’s the Pits” in All it’s Glory,
    perfect Name for a Rock Quarry.
    “Scratch an Inch” not Disappointment,
    with this Hemorrhoidal Ointment.

    “See What Sticks” you’ll Give a Clap,
    as Utilize this Dating App.
    “By the Balls” the Perfect Name,
    for the Next great Lotto Game.

    As you Read if Shout with Glee,
    “Bold Ideas you’ve Given Me!”
    Best of All and Here’s the Key,
    All of This I give for Free!!!!