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  • Back in Twenty

    I remember Back in Twenty,
    really had Our problems Plenty.
    Virus came Here from Afar,
    happenings Were quite Bizarre.

    Originally, they Dismissed it,
    that’s when Truth crept in a Bit.
    Graphs and Charts on Daily Basis.
    certainly Was no Oasis.

    Things shut Down most Everywhere,
    that’s when Folks began to Care.
    Out of Work - Out of Life,
    truly caused Concerns and Strife.

    This went On for Many Years,
    history Tells of the Fears.
    Such a Waste and Here’s the Kicker,
    might Not have Been if Acted Quicker.

    Here We are in Present Day,
    many Years have Passed Away.
    Encapsulate in Bubble Spray,
    before We head On out to Play.

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    lol I like the construction of this and how it weaves the poem's theme and sort of blends it together with current events. But with its own weird Bobgrant sense lol
    Peace friend. Good inventiveness, wit, and I notice how effective your "truncation"/ taking out some words which aren't necessary, it flows from beginning to end, complete! Peace!


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      As always - thank you very much!!!!!!


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        Even with the seriousness of the subject it still has your light touch. Truth crept in a bit -it sounds a bit jokey but describes it perfectly. You make this seem easy but there is a skill with words here


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          Thank you for your kind comments - makes an Old Rhymer feel good.