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    Take that Rhyme Zone . This shory and sweet and should get the " Gall Stones " rolling , I'll see you in the morning

    Years From Now ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    We are being held hostage by a " virus " with a 98 % recover rate
    " Our self inflicted wound " is stippled with " Neo Neurotic " hate
    Their " Bureaucratic Bondage " has deepened the wound
    There answer to THEIR recovery rate is , "once in a blue moon "
    Example : what was THEIR solution for the elderly infected ?
    Put them back with the others who were innocently NEGLECTED
    Neglected in the sense that " NO ONE CAME TO THEIR DEFENSE " !
    That move should be deemed forever as THEIR , " Pathological Pretense "
    Their " Demented Diagnosis " was motivated by greed and more
    So they Spiked the Numbers of " their dead " by 1000 score
    They had a choice to be benevolent but their dark hearts prevailed
    They chose the " malevolent path " and everyone was " nailed "
    That should of been the sign that they had other plans
    That the medical 101 was in other peoples hands
    This is a " Cardiac Arrest " but it's no surprise
    Why should you care ? when " death is subsidized "
    The code blue now , is a crispy " code green "
    " Oui Oui Monsieur " this is gravy " poutine "
    It's " pulmonary prostitution " everyone can see
    Forget the " Board of directors " throw these criminal in jail fast !
    We know they're not the first but hopefully will be the last !
    Where is " Dr. LIVINGston " ? , we are in a snare
    I don't know if you noticed folks but it's a jungle out there !
    Get me a shaman ! , get me Dr Seuss !
    Just get me a doctor who isn't obtuse ! ( crooked , slanted to the left , not straight etc etc )
    Right now I'd settle for Dr. Hook this I avow
    I want you and I right here where we belong , free " Years From Now "

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    I love this website very much because they always share my favorite cbd gummies effects piece of poems. The short poems that they posting here are very relevant and thoughtful. Each lyric and line says the importance of our life


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      Thanks for the comment ,I mean every word in my poems . CBD is a scam ! Mother Nature can't be fooled but you can .