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  • Mercury


    This tale, I share without regret—
    as much of it I know.
    What I do, I can’t forget,
    though it be long ago.

    A whale—by name of Mercury—
    grows weak, and tired, and old,
    deep beneath the rolling sea—
    quiet, dark and cold.

    In Mercury rests memory
    of life both fresh and bold;
    roaming oceans—wild and free—
    his story, yet untold;

    one of possibility
    waiting to unfold;
    of eager, young virility,
    and beauty to behold.

    Mercury finds beauty true—
    close and pure and real—
    when true love makes its grand debut,
    and Mercury can feel…

    an ember—burning tender love—
    grow within his heart,
    for Mari—gift from God above—
    that never will they part.

    And Mari swims with Mercury—
    adoring love returned;
    a union blessed in ecstasy—
    sharing lessons learned.

    Ere long, the two conceive a calf,
    filling them in pride;
    Mari grows in size by half—
    her baby, safe inside.

    Starlight sparkles in her eye—
    as they loll together—
    mirroring the evening sky,
    envisioning forever.

    Two whales, now, are almost three;
    Mercury could sing;
    soon to be a family
    with all that families bring.

    But, as from dreams, we disembark,
    so it be with tales;
    what may seem a simple lark,
    a fateful hand curtails.

    Now, the cold—the quiet dark—
    puts Mercury to pale;
    remaining memory is stark;
    and cloaked in sorrowed veil.

    In that moment, fraught with fright,
    Mari thrashed, restrained;
    Mercury—with all his might—
    fought for her in vain…

    Yet he’d suffer every pain,
    they hauled her from his sight;
    Mercury could not contain
    his horror at her plight.

    A spark, and then the rumbling came;
    a twist of wash and wake;
    Mercury called Mari’s name
    and pleaded for her sake.

    But, swallowing her captive cries,
    defying in a drone,
    the beast who won an undue prize
    left Mercury…alone.

    Confused by its unnatural size,
    shocked at such unknown…
    he charged with madness clouded eyes.
    For sins, it must atone.

    It fled his chase—
    his shattered heart—
    while steady pace
    set them apart.

    When final distance droned away,
    Mercury had feared—
    mourning in the light of day—
    the beast had disappeared.

    Tragic, ran the futile race;
    wicked cards were drawn;
    Mercury lost every trace—
    and found his Mari gone.

    Since Mercury knew Mari last—
    sun set over time;
    fifty some-odd years have passed
    since witnessing their prime.

    He calls her name in every bay,
    every fjord and sound;
    in every way he humbly prays…
    her safe return, unbound.

    Mercury now forges west—
    following the sun;
    roaming on an endless quest
    to find his only one.

    But, twisting tales of whales and sea,
    a yarn is fairly spun
    when one’s unsure of what’s to be
    until the tale is done…

    Mercury—in aching grief—
    will search and never cease.
    Holding, firmly, slim belief,
    he hopes to find some peace.

    But time has taken ample lead,
    and Mari’s overdue;
    Mercury’s been losing speed—
    the finish, now in view.

    Mari—seems she’s slowing, too—
    circling the pool.
    Mari has a show to do;
    people think she’s cool.

    Mari’s slowly letting go—
    forgetting how to feel—
    her memories of long ago…
    when everything was real.

    Star was born to much acclaim,
    and never knew no other;
    starring in a life of fame,
    he barely knew his mother.

    Their captors had no change of heart—
    to let the whales free—
    They fancied themselves pretty smart—
    to charge, for them, a fee,

    ‘til someone smarter came along—
    who’d been to proper school—
    who knew where whales do belong—
    that keeping them is cruel;

    and offered up a hefty sum—
    of gold for them, apiece,
    to get them back to where they’re from
    and handle their release.

    Happily, the deal went through;
    the lucky whales were freed.
    We’ll never know who’ll get their due
    for tyranny and greed.

    Here, the tale—in review—
    deserves another mention:
    what we now imagine new
    is left to our invention.

    Star may learn to be a whale;
    and should, by slow degree;
    if fortune chances to prevail,
    he’ll find a love at sea.

    Mari hadn’t bet on being free,
    but long misfortune turns;
    clearing in her memory:
    for Mercury, she yearns.

    Mari knows if there’s a chance—
    if time is playing fair—
    somewhere in the vast expanse,
    Mercury is there.

    And Mercury is surely there,
    giving it his all,
    searching for her everywhere…
    until she hears his call.

    John P. Turner III

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    I liked it very much
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      Nicely done...I hope they find each other again.


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