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  • what color is it

    lost in the limelight yeah i watched the movie over and over i walked over the sky-reflecting puddles braved the woodsy hills and flew through graves with no light i lied in coffins without bones and drank the moonlight you were standing in i watched the world drop from the tip of your tongue lost in the limelight my eyes were looking around and around i watched it all sink past the shallow end of now lost in the limelight backsliding i can't make it home i'm stumbling over the blocks set up for me looking for one diamond one pattern one reason for love to win the war as i look down at my hands stained with the limelight the limelight you would imagine my eyes couldn't take all of this in but i saw everything i see everything stained with the limelight the limelight again

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    Sounds like the color of discovery of what has always been. Nice.