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  • Repent

    When you show me how much you love me

    I close my eyes and run into your arms

    When you hurt me when it’s not my fault,

    I close my eyes and run into your arms

    For a love so fragile and pure

    For you to take it for granted,

    Never fear for hatred

    because you’re so confident

    You forget how love can be turned to hate,

    With just a few scars.

    And now you beg for the love,

    But you can’t receive,

    What isn’t there anymore.

    You say it’s my responsibility?

    I say it was yours

    To love me blindly

    Regardless of anything.

    For a child of such,

    Will never really forgive

    Such a tragedy.

    You will always be despised,

    Regardless of your sincerity,

    You messed up then,

    And now it’s too late!

  • #2
    I liked the flow of this even though it tells quite a sad tale. The ending feels abrupt - leaving me wanting ??? I'm not sure yet what.