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Our Bond is Our Barrier

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  • Our Bond is Our Barrier

    I slay me myself sometimes , enjoy

    Our Bond is Our Barrier ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    It's said , if you see 1 there's probably 10 more you don't
    Especially when you turn up the heat you won't
    They're quick to scurry to the shadows and crevices
    Just like cockroaches they are a nemesis
    They cozy up in with a varmint saunter
    To see what's up and to test the waters
    They would take over if we weren't vigilant
    Their voracious " need " is their stimulant
    They urinate on everything , it's in their nature
    Even the offspring , it's how they're nurtured
    Like minded , they travel in packs
    When they're done they leave nothing but scraps
    They seek their own , as there's strength in numbers
    You can easily find yourself encumbered
    What do you do with this " vermin " horde ?
    Patch things up with mortar and boards !
    These guys are relentless as they " gnaw "
    " They're a plague ! , with some chutzpah "
    Traps sound good , especially when they're sprung
    It's hard to understand their " high pitched " tongue
    But they're sneaky and can easily adapt
    " This is not the time to go crazy and snap !"
    It makes sense to post guards in this situation
    " That means staying on top of the " infiltration "
    Don't let the fear make you frantic
    " This is not the time or place to panic "
    Don't let the " soft fuzz " be your demise
    Don't get fooled by those beady eyes
    No longer can we ignore or wait
    These creatures will eviscerate !
    Their constant presence is overwhelming
    And their droppings are very telling
    If you want to be a " lemming " be my guest
    I'm not going fall or go with the rest
    I'll just wait for my " Eagle " to come by
    I call him " Sam " he's a really nice guy
    He might be old and some what trodden
    But he will never ever , be forgotten
    He's always there on his loyal perch
    A watchful eye , as he's always in search
    He's like an owl who can hit it's mark
    He can hear the rustle of rustlers in the dark
    Call me old fashioned and a loyalist at heart
    These things can end as easily as they start
    So I'm not worried about all these pests
    Because this isn't the " finals " , it's only a test
    The only reason they killed the dinosaurs off
    They robbed the nests and made everyone scoff
    It's funny to think after all these eons
    They're the lowest of the lowest peons
    However , they are noted as " carriers "
    So Mr and Mrs. , " Our Bond is Our Barrier "
    Yes , we were tricked and we were triggered
    By the evil " Will and Minded Willard "
    " Gee ! , what a gift , Santa he's not "
    Even a " Hanta " ful of rodents are saying , " He's Caught " !
    So we must maintain our wits about us
    " It is the only solution Mr. POTUS "
    Let us not be surpassed and be taken for a ride
    Oh , and that " snake in the grass " , " He's on Their Side !
    What ? , did you think I was talking about rats ?
    Nah ! , I'm talking about the democrats !

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    Ha! One of my brothers-in-law would find this very amusing! Hope you are well - seems like you're in fighting writing form!