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  • Coronavirus

    This disease travels far

    It came by plane not your car

    It continues to grow and spreads

    It leaves you in a bed or dead

    Not enough medicine makes it to us

    Today it leaves us who do we trust

    The virus attacks our systems

    But does anyone listens

    We may try to run from it

    But it still won't help our spirits

    Will there ever be a cure?

    And will the people be all reassured

    It will make our older people weak

    And their future will be bleak

    We must somehow stop this infection

    And send this terrible disease in a new direction

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    This poem seems to be so interesting in this corona season. You have got a good talent with you. You are sharing the right information through your poems. I will share this in my family and friends group.
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      amazing! And really actual nowadays. I have read a great number of poems about it.


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        Good to see you writing and posting again Tonysp . Hope you are well.