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An Entity of Distortion

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  • An Entity of Distortion

    Sorry Jack I can handle the truth , how about you guys ? . May the 4th be with you

    An Entity of Distortion ( c ) Glen MItton 2020

    It’s a rigged game folks , " The Enemy Is at the Gates "
    That's not just a play on a movie title , there's no debate
    There's a subliminal message there
    That’s a hint ! , so buyer beware !
    What is up with the " Billionaire's club " agenda
    Why does having money have to turn into a vendetta ?
    “ Just because is was tough for them to get laid “
    They have to turn their anger onto the world's stage ?
    Like a schoolyard bully who gets in your face
    Our lunch money ( Our Freedom ) gives them a bad taste
    Money has exchanged hands and I’m not talking about “ Philanthropy “
    I’m talking about the “ Underlining Craftsmanship of Anarchy “
    Just like a killer of a lover , “ If I can’t have you “
    “ Watch me now world , to see what I can do “
    They’re losing their grasp on reality
    Even going as far as date raping the “ Banshee “
    “ We can't have her trying to forewarn “
    That would dampen the powder in the “ powder horn “
    I can see these guys standing around the boiling cauldron
    Adding in their own ingredients of chaos and misfortune
    “ Here try this on , it just came in it’s called the “ Iron Maiden “
    “ It’s right off the rack , all hail satan “ !
    This “ fashion line “ was set in motion right after the last election
    When a bunch of them started losing their erection
    The thought of all their evil hard work going up in smoke
    To see their slushy fund melt away , from their “ globe artichoke “
    It’s easy for these jerks who have nothing to hide
    That’s because they hate themselves on the inside
    Freaks of nature with only one desire
    Adolescent minded creatures who like playing with fire
    Idiots running around with magnifying glasses
    Laughing , burning “ US Ants “ of the lower classes
    Pulling wings off of flies and killing pets
    Acting beyond all control with no regrets
    These are the guys who snickered at breasts
    Then had to cough up extra , for all the rest
    So they compensated and more power to them
    Until they were bitten when they stuck in their thumb
    That pie was baked by an “ Entity of Distortion “
    Spawned , raised and educated by extortion !
    It’s said “ money is the root of all evil “
    Well it sure does “ finance “ all the upheaval
    Especially when it comes to these mad scientists
    Who are consumed with trying to speed up necrosis
    Just because they’re dead in their hearts and souls
    Everyone must suffer that’s their ultimate goal
    But hold fast ! , even as their “ burning bush desire “ tries to take root
    They’ve miscalculated “ OUR RESOLVE “ because their “ Gabriel’s Horn “ is just a flute
    I’d even go as far as calling it a “ Pathetic Piccolo “ !
    “ But they could still jab it in your eye , so watch where you go “
    That “ Oyster Rockefeller “ they were told about has us at arms length in their race
    “ And watch out " Third World “ ! you’re in First Place “ !
    As any “ Second Place " ribbon just gets in your craw
    These “ Drowning Dopes “ are no different as they grab at straws
    However a good “ Life Guard “ knows to approach with caution
    No need to get pulled under by their “ flailing concoction “

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