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On the first day of spring

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  • On the first day of spring


    A 5 am call from a pigeon

    With throaty song wakes me to dawn.

    Fresh-cut grass refreshes my senses

    Inspires my life to go on.

    Breakfast al fresco makes its debut

    My love sitting right by my side:

    We contemplate life ever changing

    And together how we take its ride.

    The sun makes its way to its zenith:

    We hold hands and gather our thoughts

    And walk through the natural beauty

    That earth has to us made from nought.

    The moon peaks through a red horizon

    Introducing a welcome breeze.

    Though evening sky turns our path rusty

    It beckons through wild waving trees.

    A sudden rain threatens our journey

    Wild thorns are spread across our way.

    So we turn to home as dark rises

    Yet ponder a beautiful day.

    Sleep threatens to come to me sooner

    Than expected but it can't bring

    More pleasant beginnings or endings

    Than this wondrous first day of Spring.

    ©MH O'Farrelly

    4th May, 2020

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    Nice reflection.


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      Recently, I was asked to become a Moderator to assist the other Moderators – and Administrators - in combating these SPAM postings and comments. It was my honor to enthusiastically accept.

      I pledge to take the time to review the site daily (multiple times) and take appropriate action when necessary. I thank you for your contributions, and if you are considering withdrawing your talents – or have already done so – I sincerely hope you will reconsider.

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