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  • E.T.

    I would love if someone could tell me if these lyrics are comprehensible since i aint from america nor england and also i would like to know if it could fit into some rap beat..I dont know anything about making songs. There is diferent amount of syllables in every line and maybe some other things that i dont know. Also i would love to write some other lines for this so please contact me.
    The story of these four bars is about guy who is diferent from other people or a child who is different from other kids. I wanted to make it into something like, that the kid is suffering from trauma caused by the other kids and grownups and his parents too maybe. Hes being placed into psychiatric ward and is under strong medication therefore he feels like alien, diferent, un-loved,and he feels like people are doing experiments on him, which they partly are at the ward.

    Now before you read the lyrics, i just wanted to explain that the phrase Dreamland is supossed to mean AREA 51. Im not sure if there is such a phrase in english, i found this slang at google . As i said above, im not from country where we speak english. There are few other words that i think wont be comeprehensible.
    I tried to rhyme it thoroughly. Not just last words, thats why its written so weirdly..

    I was kidnaped by aliens and they intend to cage my butt, im about to be eated like calf
    It was breed named sapiens and their pigment is beige but im not being treated like Alf
    I wasnt thinkin same alias meant that Dreamland is base, god, i start bleeding, need that ride out
    Wasnt clearly sane, a Venus advent ends, homeland is space far star, beeping, ETs needy and lies down

    I will be very glad if you answer my questions concerning lyrics above. I dont know any writer Im desperate. Thank you.