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The Beast Is Dead!

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  • The Beast Is Dead!

    Our hero through the beast's coils danced.
    With sword in hand, she pounced and pranced,
    And hacked and hewed her way until
    She struck its head and it lay still.

    But as a fowl without its head
    Will flap a while though it is dead,
    So did the beast's tail in the dark
    Careen round in a deadly arc

    That came to rest on the maid's head.
    Her helm broke free from her hair red.
    Her gentle soul from her corpse fled
    As skywards with the tail it sped

    To the surface. 'The maid is dead!'
    They wailed till they chanted instead,
    'The beast is dead!' when they saw too,
    The tail that hailed her derring-do.

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    I really like your post it was nice and shows fine content writing skills. You have shared very interesting things among with us.
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      Incredible imagery as well as fierce verbiage. The virus is not negatively affecting your powerful versing! Great to see your name in the queue.


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        Thanks RhymeLovingWriter (also for deleting those weird spam links). I hope you and yours are faring well. Take care and stay safe.