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  • Sex around My Neighborhood

    What I see Is just no Good,
    Sex around My Neighborhood.
    Going at It Day and Night,
    have to Say it Just ain’t Right.

    Have no Problem with Flirtation,
    but Please practice Moderation.
    If you Want to Procreate,
    take a Break to Find your Mate.

    Orgies are affecting Others,
    so If I could Have my Druthers.
    Trees and Grasses in all Cases,
    go Have Sex in Other Places.

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    This poem is very fun to read! It relates your frustration in a playful manner while staying serious. Well done!


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      Very creative poem! I completely relate to your frustration about people having sex and making too much noise. It is inconsiderate and simply rude! I am someone who thoroughly enjoys sex (outside of relationships) but I always make sure to not disturb others. I have had neighbors that had no care for others and their well-being or comfort. I always go out of my way to be as little trouble as I possibly can. The line in your poem: “take a Break to Find your Mate” doesn’t resonate with me. Because I usually have sex with strangers or escorts from That is just the result of us having different values in life and I completely respect that, but I completely agree with the rest of the poem.
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        Trees and grasses? is this about pollen


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          I thought of wildlife too, Jon. Care to elucidate, Bob?