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  • Prescription Drug Names

    Since been In this Virus Scare,
    new Drugs pop up Everywhere.
    Names don’t Understand an Ounce,
    let Alone try to Pronounce.

    Flouting Prowess all they Want,
    I’ll now Take this Truthful Jaunt.
    Lay it on Symbolic Tables,
    how They come Up with the Labels.

    Start out With a Huge Dart Board,
    volunteers from Human Horde.
    Random letters Is the Mark,
    throwing Darts when It is Dark.

    Then they Stop and Make their Choice,
    Scientists Agree and Voice,
    Confuse the Public and so Hence,
    when the Names just Make no Sense.

    Illegal drugs I don’t Condone,
    simple Names they Sure do Own.
    So from Them I take my Cue,
    and Suggest what They should Do.

    First start Out with People Names,
    good Enough or Hurricanes.
    Veggies, Flowers, even Trees,
    Birds and Reptiles if you Please.

    Make it Simple for all Folks,
    my Suggestion is no Hoax.
    Especially for Guys like Me,
    so I hope That you’ll Agree.

    Take more Pills as up I Age,
    memory’s at a Lesser Stage.
    Simple names for Heavens Sake,
    remind Me those That I should Take.

    “Yes, I’ve had my Porcupine,
    Snake and Robin took just Fine.”
    “Had my Lilac and you Bet,
    topped it Off with Henriette.”

    Last edited by BobGrantKC; 04-30-2020, 09:30 AM.

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    Very musical and bouncy--a foray into the impressions of today, through you with your measure of humor! Strong piece! Atleast you took the light approach, not the dark cynic of impassioned negativity... I enjoy the perspective, thanks for sharing BobGrantKC Peace and be well!


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      Thank you very much - your comments mean a lot!!!!!


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        You're welcome, I can tell your poetry means a lot too. With love!!