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  • Covid Clout

    Went outside for a While,
    took a Walk – Brought a Smile.
    Gray Hair, Slow Pace, and a Limp,
    brought my Cane – I’m a Gimp.

    When I strolled my Neighborhood,
    reactions Never thought I Would.
    Felt like Moses with the Sea,
    folks approach Splitting from Me.

    I’m sure They’re just being Nice,
    though in Truth I did think Twice.
    Seems the Virus likes Old Guys,
    clear of Me just seems Wise.

    Not Immune to Make Believe,
    power in my Thoughts then Weave.
    Broke from Me – I say with Sass,
    I’m a Senior Big Bad Ass.

    No bugs Yet but Who Knows,
    though Protecting Mouth and Nose.
    If or When - There is no Doubt,
    I’ll enjoy my Covid Clout!

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    Who knew there'd be such a bright side??? Glad you share your spin with us Bob. Keep it coming. Also happy to hear you're doing OK.


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      It happened again yesterday - I am definitely a Power Stranger!!!


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        ‘Gray hair, slow pace and a limp..’... what a beautiful expression. However do you know that gray hair can look very good? There are many things you can do with short gray hair. Stay handsome and read tutorials from here in order to stay beautiful and young.


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          Thank you!!!


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