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Weathering the Storm

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  • Weathering the Storm

    I posted this poem back in 2018 during what I would call an assault . I think it is more appropriate now more than ever , I hope you too. I will confess I did change the last line from my original
    because this fight is with the devil himself

    Weathering the Storm ( c ) Glen Mitton 2018

    When Gen. Patton asked for a prayer to be written in the winter of '44
    He knew what was at stake because he knew the score
    Losing more men due to sickness than to enemy fire
    A call to the Almighty to intervene was his desire
    He called on the chaplain to write a " fair weather " prayer *
    Though it was not a customary practice Patton was aware
    As a military man and historian he knew how weather played a role
    If it didn't turn soon it was going to keep taking it's toll
    So the chaplain retired to act upon what was requested
    He presented the general what he thought was right and vested
    A card with the prayer was handed out to every officer and soldier **
    On the back was a Christmas greeting from the general in closure
    The prayer was read on the cold battlefield through the foggy hays
    The next morning the weather cleared as it did for the next six days
    Able to move north they relieved the 101st Airborne at Bastogne ***
    Some say it was the " power of prayer " that was ultimately shown

    A storm has swept down across our fine country
    It has taken hold of our core and shaken it abruptly
    The enemy wants to divide us so it throws up debris
    Seething with decrepit hands hoping we can't see
    As any battle fought this storm has many fronts
    Bombarding us from all sides with everything all at once
    Like those soldiers in the forest begging for relief
    We have to be cautious because the enemy is a thief
    We have been weathering the storm since 1776
    These politics are not new so is their bag of tricks
    Storms make some react hastily due to it's ferocity
    As the headstrong winds pound causing uncertainties
    We can only pray and prepare as to the storms path
    But it's the enemy who has an eye on the aftermath
    So it just might behoove us to seek some favorable judgment
    Because this attack is a direct and deliberate wicked encroachment

    * James Hugh O'Neill Chaplain of the Third Army
    ** Dec. 22 , 1944
    *** Bastogne , Belgium

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      Thanks for sharing this.