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  • An Office Visit Sub level 13

    As you can see I have way to much time on my hands . Just trying to be a good doobie . This one I'm sure is how it all went down . You know what they say laughter is the best medicine

    An Office Visit Sub level 13 ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    Jan 1 , 2020

    He's ready for you now Mr. Pande you can go in , It's so nice to see you again
    Pande have a seat ,how are you dong ? , want a cup of decaf , I've got some brewing
    Listen I called in you today because something was thrown across my desk
    Something so evil so sinister , quite frankly I was impressed
    There are people up there who insist you to make another appearance
    What kind ? . Well let's just say THEY want you too run a little interference
    This is coming from the souls of some " wannabes ", and we need to move on this Asap !
    And quite frankly when I heard their plan I immediately thought of you , Old chap !
    What's that ? . No sir! , I don't care about any flash floods or plagues of locust
    You're good see , good for business , I don't want or need any hocus-pocus
    Just show up and let the press grab a hold of you and let them do the rest
    You know what they say any press is good press and bias press is the best !
    What's that you say ? Don't worry about a thing you're covered in that regard
    As your boss I'll let you in on a little secret , with guys like THEM around my job isn't hard !
    Yes your right , Fear does sell itself , all someone has to do is utter a peep
    And I'll have them right where I want them hiding in the corner , It's like herding sheep !
    What's that ? , You already began ? , When ? , why , what for ?
    Late last year ? , Oh I see , well I don't blame you , THEIR pleas for help is hard to ignore
    No no forget it I'm not mad , I'll be okay , Yes , we do go way back , I just thought
    What's that ? No I don't take it personally after all , you are my prodigy juggernaut
    And in today's world of self-aggrandizing it's easy , especially with all this technology
    And you know me , I'm am sucker for the science and biology !
    But talk about evil , these people I'm dealing with , Holy Hell !
    These people would even make a healthy prostate swell !
    No , really forget about it , it's water under the bridge , after all evil is what evil does !
    Gump ...... Forrest Gump , I know I love that movie too , especially the part about Lt. Dan
    Yeah legs are easy , it's free will that's a bitch , Any questions ? , No , You're the man !
    Now go out there and scare the living pants off them , oh by the way
    There's a time limit on this so any " ad libbing " you can do would really make my day
    I don't know? , play with the numbers , that always gets them in the end
    Okay ? , great , Make me proud and we'll do lunch next week , goodbye my friend
    That Pandemic sure is great ! . Miss Prosti , hold my calls I've got some errands to run
    I have to talk Love Peace Hope and Compassion into hiding and laying low ........... again!
    If only they would embraced those things in their hearts , it would be my defeat
    So let's go grab an early lunch , I know a nice Jewish deli " up town " , YOUR treat !
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    This is so creative poem that I read so far.Since it is too big and contains many lines, it is very much interesting to read each and every line of it. I love this kind of articles and the end I love this website very much
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      Thanks for the comments but what's with the advertisement ?