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    Stay at Home – Do not Roam,
    rules are Not for Folks alone.
    Lousy guests with Poison Douse,
    since They’ve moved Into my House.

    Don’t they Watch the Antly News,
    Antsy Press for current Views?
    Don’t bunch up Around my Sink,
    Out of Here is What I think.

    Once you Leave then Go for It,
    party Hard and Just don’t Quit.
    Really Don’t care What you Do,
    Virus Bugs might Just get You.
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    well written! I love "antly news" peace brother


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      Same to you - thanks. The uninvited guests are still here but their numbers are dwindling.


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        This is wonderful!!!


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          Thank you!!!!


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            Have a nice day! It is very actual poem nowadays and it is really well-written! The virus let us sit home and I think that it is the best time to think bout our future. I even have met with my astrologist. She works with numbers and now she told me that she sees the in our future that means that all this hard situation will end soon. I really hope for that.
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              Bob - hope all is still well with you and yours. Apparently even the pests have gotten the massage - it would just be nice if their home wasn't also our home.


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                First of all - thank you, as always, for your comments. And, yes, I wish they did not feel their home is our home.

                I don't know if this is the place to mention it - but, when I first started posting my "non-poetic" Rhymes - the people on this site accepted me. It made an old man feel good. I still am no where close to a qualified poet and remain an amateur Rhymer. However, over the last few months it seems there are more postings that are even farther from poetry than my offerings. I have also noticed that contributors - like Grant Hayes - no longer place their works on this website. This site means a lot to me and I really don't want to leave it. I have a couple of Rhymes to post today and we'll see how things progress from here I guess?