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  • context of fears

    Is everything seen through the context of fears
    That will be fulfilled in tomorrows tears
    The bio weapons are raining down
    from Wuhan to your very own town

    Regret for not act now, for now is the time
    The time to rise speak life and let you lights shine
    Not sit down in you hypnotic ether
    consuming death counts like a hockey score
    and it never gets better, the heat turns up more and more

    Now I see a captive audience like never in history
    Sitting consuming the televisions fear and propaganda
    I see the world around me who have nothing to believe
    just melt down like mucus on a sleeve
    No one any where on earth to releave

    Daily we become the zombies, they are locked down in front of their screens
    Nothing good to say today except an empty “it will be better”
    tag with a rainbow, oh joy who will save us

    No one, not without God and Jesus
    A rainbow without God is a Noahide symbol
    I don't believe in your syringe god
    so off with his infected head
    if you can't obey the medical authority
    you are better off dead
    So where are they leading the sheep now
    Only the goats pay heed to their master
    Glued to the tube and the lies come faster
    The thieves on the news sew no freedom
    The corals are getting tighter, give me my freedom!
    The disease is not the virus as much as obsession
    And major distraction form reality
    We are observing the biggest heist
    the markets globally were bankrupt
    cover in a panic, the banks corrupt

    Of freedom and goodness in the name of healing
    We are seeing black turn to white and lies become truth
    No more need to think as you mind becomes pablum
    In front of wide screens , small screens and iphones a blazing
    When society fails, the last thing that goes is the false shepherds in your living room
    The last thing you loose after the good food and water
    The last thing to go even after your strength and health
    Is that TV announcer and the news repeating sickness your hospital bed
    Last thing you hear, sound of the news just before you are dead.

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    Recently, I was asked to become a Moderator to assist the other Moderators – and Administrators - in combating these SPAM postings and comments. It was my honor to enthusiastically accept.

    I pledge to take the time to review the site daily (multiple times) and take appropriate action when necessary. I thank you for your contributions, and if you are considering withdrawing your talents – or have already done so – I sincerely hope you will reconsider.

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