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  • Credit Card is Clean

    Credit Card is Clean,
    that Is really Keen.
    Every time it Swipes,
    cleaning It with Wipes.

    Virus Everywhere,
    even In your Hair.
    I’m afraid of it,
    giving Me a Fit.

    They should Do their Part,
    showing Us some Heart.
    Visa and the Rest,
    here’s the Real Test.

    Wouldn’t it be Nice,
    swipe it Once or Twice.
    Helping all at Large,
    wipe Out every Charge.

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    wow!! funny poem! do you have others? maybe you are a writer? your poem reminds me of the bad times when I had$ 3 on the card and when my wife was very ill. It was during quarantine and because I couldn't go to work, we didn't have any money. I had to take out a loan like here moneyexpert but I didn't regret my decision. I think your poem raises important themes for people of our day. Covid has destroyed the lives and financial resources of all people. You really write well! good luck with that
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