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  • New Vs. Old

    The old me would have cracked jokes
    the new me sits and cries
    the me you all see
    is happy yet not

    I want to bring me back
    from a place of sad and still
    to a place that brings some laughter
    to all that I once knew

    Bring me to somewhere far away
    where sadness changes laughter
    to somewhere only words exist
    then silence, pain, and after

    the new me longs for touch
    the old me hated that
    the me now starting to
    why is this happening

    help me back to to
    to a once simple time
    to a place, I could stand
    and not just sit and cry

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    I enjoyed this! There were a few things which tripped me up in the final 2 stanzas, but other than that I felt this so much, I can empathize. It's a very wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing