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    Poppycock Ascending

    Years ago, came gift of joy. It fosters calm, when well-deployed;

    and hope, besides, for greater things than riches dealt by earthly kings.

    A welcome gift, it’s always there despite life’s peddle-pushed despair.

    If from our God (as seems the case) it must be spent in love, not waste.

    Please pardon, if you can’t abide when definitions’ sense collide

    on battlefield of worded plane laid out to drive a soul insane (or to a brink).

    Please, no. You see, it only charity.

    No names, no games, no deep divide. Try humble listening, side to side.

    On side of caution some will be, while others, hedonistically,

    pursue the moment, cause to hell (where Love-withholders choose to dwell).

    I’ll watch and wait, consider too how things encountered feed purview,

    and then, because this world is broad, I’ll trust each care right back to God.

    While in this mess and muck we make I’ll preach forgiveness for the sake

    of all who erred, or got it wrong (their hearts, like mine, to God belong).

    I’ll not intone or bash or bind or play those cards (of any kind)

    for no one is exempt, despite some my-way/highway blinded right

    of way on distribution’s ends, (or even mean, which most portend

    would be at least a starting point to keep our noses out of joint).


    I’ll stay here, right where God places all I am, engulfed in graces

    meant to share. I’ll give those free, as best I can, each time I see

    Love’s guiding hand upon my path.

    Through faith, with maliced wrath.

    When craziness has spun its end...may graciousness of God upend

    the scaffold blocks of pride and fear, and every truth that you hold dear

    be molded deep by Truth and Love more tightly than a fitted glove.

    Humility, the spirals’ bane. May it appear, and sweet, hold reign.