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They Just Removed Their Mask , Again !

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  • They Just Removed Their Mask , Again !

    They Just Removed Their Mask , Again ! ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    One Chinese proverb says ,
    - If you ride the tiger you can never dismount -
    Well , we've put a saddle and reins on that mount
    They didn't figure on that " Muchachos ", !
    And we're going to bulldoze
    If you think you're defeated , you're defeated
    That's how the mind set is cheated
    " No time for avant-garde thinking "
    " Just obey that red light blinking "
    How evil you ask ? , They just removed their mask.................again !
    " Now they're attacking " VITAMINS " !
    That's colder than liquid nitrogen
    But we've seen the inside of the briefcase
    That's why " We the People " are in the first place
    This not a test , this was planned
    They want everything canned !
    This is a robbery it's all about the bucks
    With mass hysteria sprinkled on for good luck
    Let's not give them what they want
    Let's steer clear of this calculated " jaunt "
    Another proverb states ,
    - The house with an old grandparent harbors a jewel -
    I believe that , and I'm no fool
    They want everything to remain a blur
    But WE"RE still on top wearing the spurs

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