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  • We are the Metal Lathe

    I posted this 7/15/18 , I thought i'd post it again just for a moral boost to all

    We are the Metal Lathe ( c ) Glen Mitton 2018

    It is argued the only machine that can fix itself Is the metal lathe
    That's how this machine behaves
    Self reliance by design
    A correlation we should align

    Self reliance is defined : reliance on one's own efforts and abilities
    Nothing less is a disability
    Depend on the others mercy
    You can figure your future is murky

    Our mind set should be like that of the skilled machinist
    Knowing the characteristics and the weakness
    Figuring the variables of approach
    Be careful not to encroach

    They're are those who want to take away our independence
    Give us a limited existence
    You have to work with what you have
    Otherwise you take a bath

    Self Reliance , Maintain , Uphold
    Words Not ambiguous but are solid and bold
    The ability to work both the lateral and linear axis in unison
    Any problem can be overcome

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    Ironically, self-reliance is a learned behavior for the most part. I appreciate this and concur...yet have also found it true that I need other people at times. For me, it's a both/and - with emphasis on taking care of business myself if at all possible.