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The Fountain of Life

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  • The Fountain of Life

    The Fountain of Life

    Was I factory born or snatched from loving arms?
    Spared from extinction by the gift of blue eyes
    Given the right to live for a tangle of golden curls
    By those who gave natural selection a helping hand
    Did my mother comfort me with a harlot’s smile
    as my unknown father left for the killing grounds?
    Rejoice! You are a child born from ‘The Fountain of Life’
    Lebansborn, twice blessed infant of the Master Race
    As the end draws near I fear to meet my God
    With questions that have no answers
    Are my genes tainted with the unholy?
    Or will my blood mother take me to her arms
    And kiss away the pain

    Himmler encouraged SS and Wehrmacht officers to have children with Aryan women. He believed Lebensborn children would grow up to lead a Nazi-Aryan nation.
    Young girls who were deemed “racially pure” the possibility to give birth to a child in secret. The child was then given to the SS organisation which took charge in the child’s education and adoption
    Ultimately, one of the most horrible sides of the Lebensborn policy was the kidnapping of children “racially good” in the eastern occupied countries

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    Sad story...all around. Beautifully captured here.