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    the way he was, what he was wearing, actually who he was...
    i could tell she would fall in love with him, that looking out of the corner of her eye, from behind her bangs, she practically fell right there.
    but it wasn't there, the time and place was wrong... that was just the beginning.
    they're both not sure why they're there, and on opposite corners,-- they were called here, and as it turns out no one was actually here when they showed up, only a little time between when they walked in had passed.
    it was the way he didn't care, and she thought he could go thru anything. when someone seems strong and handsome, Elza wonders if he has some dangerous defect beneath that perfect haircut. it was the way his eyes caught her, and she nonchalantly found some earrings to study. as he began walking up to her.
    "hello, you look like you could use some earrings." a half-way joke, indicating her ears, which were pierced but had no jewelry.
    she smiles, pushes her hair behind her ear: "no, actually, I'm not sure why I'm here. I was... called here. well, I called a number from an unmarked letter telling me it was important, hand writing that seemed vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place it."
    "and you're asking me why you're here.
    I sent the message and told that number you called to give you directions here. It's not important why. not now, not yet anyway. come, let's get out of the light; come in the back here.
    you won't be buying anything, so let's go."
    crossing a low-lit hall with the strobe of the light and the tittering of bugs all around crawling the ceiling to walls, he leads her on through, past boxes and trashcans and wooden palettes. there's music playing from above, it's a small warehouse, and wire mesh which looks like spiderwebs covers the walls. 'if you haven't seen it happening, you're bound the next time round: love is a waterfall and a group of rocks growing soft'. the speakers are low and you can barely hear the song lyrics playing
    "so we have to pick something up, from behind those doors. and there's an axe and a chain on the door, and there's no way out if we try to go back thru there."
    he told her to pick up the axe and the chain was to be broken as quickly as possible, once he turned off the electric current running to the door.
    kill the power, break the lock and chain with the axe.
    she swung and he was in the darkness. she looked back and his face was contorted by shadows, his eyes glinting. and they glinted as she broke the door open, and they both were smiling as they made it thru.
    there were flowers on the otherside. with the faces as large as human faces, and the yellows of the buttercups like a stained delicacy, of the eyes, for the nose. tasting without touching, they walked.
    it seemed like something had happened, and the flowers were all bending. and there was no wind, and there was no sound, only the look shared between them. now they're back to not knowing. "who was it that called you?"
    "I don't know, I didn't expect to meet you. it's curious. what do you normally do?"
    "normally I don't break into unknown places or root out a rocky garden like this." --there were mostly rocks, and cactuses, beyond the initial pathway of irises, daisies, peonies and the aforementioned buttercups.
    he looked at her, and smiled. she knew he knew: they were both nervous, and neither of them knew much else than that. and it was sort of scary.
    it's a wonder that led them thru.
    as he was going to look for another door, or passageway, he remembered something. "Elza, is your name. Is that right?"
    she didn't seem surprised, but he wasn't sure. "yes, all my life, they call me that. ...what's yours?"
    he was moving along the path, motioning her to follow, as he dodged the cacti jutting out and ambled on the little rocks. "my name is... Javier."
    she looked at him and laughed. he did not look like a Javier: his skin was not dark like someone from S.America. all the same she couldn't stop laughing and didn't know why, maybe because of the plain way he said it, unassumingly, unknowingly... innocently.
    she loved his name. "nice to meet you Javier." she said. "and you, as well, Elza."
    there was a stone which was out of place, and sitting before a doorway. it looked different, a shade of grey that looked less real. there was a spiral, spiralling on the door, as you walked thru the frame.
    "what's behind this door, now? a desert?" she joked, looking for him, as she shifted feet and stood straight up.
    Javier sort of whispered to her, lowering his voice for some reason. "see... it's not another garden, or maybe it is. why ask me, you were here before me."
    so neither of them knew.
    through the doorway, after stepping on the stone and activating the system, they were free. free to taste the expansive, dry darkness which was so vast that it echoed with every footstep, muttering, and cough. they weren't in the mood to talk looking up at the wonder. above them stretched up, higher than clouds, a vaulted rock ceiling encrusted with gems and diadems, sealed with a peculiar light which seemed extra-alive. it was emanating from inside, and also glowed.
    every footstep lit up as a reflection, and beneath were glass and beneath that more abyss: swallowing darkness which was palpable; as if to fall, would be to fall terribly, and forever. like having no breath to scream. it moved us both on, as we looked into each other's eyes. we weren't screaming...
    there was something about it, that the ceiling was pricked with little lights, as if daytime outside were snaking through, but a silver-daytime. more and more as you got deeper in, there started to become holes which let the beautiful light fall.
    she pulled him down, and behind a column of rock, well into the dry shadows. "listen: and shhhh," she said, as she put a finger in front of her lips...
    there were so many people, and just then she spotted the moon from a hole in the ceiling of the cave, and she knew they had to get out. she looked into his eyes and felt no fear there, and she loved him, she was bonded to him in this corner. "I don't even know you but I've known you more than just where we've been tonight."
    tonight is forever. as i step back, it was the first night, and it was made in love, it was the impossible coupling of one with another, for no reason, and the longer they knew each other, the weirder things got, and getting lost for them was not the same as getting lost for the others. for these lovers, the world opened up and untricked them, the places they belonged were ahead of them, and the love engendered in their hearts were those chains we grow stronger by letting go, throwing off, breaking, setting one another free with, by showing how time is the uniter and divider of all things: until love breaks its heart, and time in a torrent springs ever anew... from the ashy grave of some loveless youth. so were these two combined. formed from the unknown of themselves. and bonded there, and wed.