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  • Venus de Milo

    She cannot weep, she who we call
    Love's goddess for she fills our need
    For trysts and romps. Please, weep and read
    Of how cursed Love caused her to fall.

    Three lovers had I and the first
    Was Zeus, my father - O, what grief!
    I spurned him and, branded Love's thief,
    Condemned was I to want and thirst,
    Whilst like Prometheus enchained.
    But the fell eagle I induced
    To peck my arm until, when loosed,
    It fell, and I, my freedom gained.
    Next was Procrustes whom I wooed
    Because with just one arm I sagged
    And slouched so when the axeman dragged
    Me to his bed and hacked and hewed
    My arm to fit, I blew a kiss
    Before I fled. Whilst on the run,
    I fell in love at last with one
    Whose hair hummed me a charming hiss.
    Medusa held me in a trance
    Although, her face I could not see.
    She would not turn, so shy was she
    Although, I begged for just one glance.
    She turned me down until my death
    I threatened for I was beguiled.
    My heart beat tunes, berserk and wild,
    A glimpse! A glimpse! So, with my breath,
    I blackmailed her to turn around.
    She turned and, as my eyes on her
    Foul features fell, in a grey blur
    I turned to stone without a sound.

    Through her, Love's blessings to us wend,
    And through Love's curse, she met her end.

    (This is a fictional biographical account of how Venus de Milo came to lose her arms and turned to stone. In some circles, Zeus is said to have been her father and we are all aware of how promiscuous he was. Procrustes can be said to have OCD because he attacked people who couldn't fit his bed by either stretching them out with a hammer or cutting them to size with an axe. Finally Medusa was cursed to be hideous and turn anyone who looked her in the face to stone)