No Time to Cry

If ever it were time to cry—
inside, where subtle notions lie—
it’s now, and yet we sense, somehow,
it isn’t so productive.

Pining serves its by and by—
with optimists in short supply—
but is there time to waste right now
on something so seductive?

Lament the human state to be,
and how we long to wander free;
allow, then calmly disavow
what isn’t more constructive.

Focus what you wish to see—
where heart and mind and soul agree;
sense it real—feel it now—
and let it be instructive.

Fretting time will have its due
when options offer something new.
Embrace a simple grace at hand
and stand in pure reflection.

Cosmic forces passing through,
forever, into us, imbue
a sense we’re part of something grand—
the ultimate connection.

This—inseparable from you—
is truly real and really true.
Seek what offers on demand
our access to perfection.

So, thank the pain and let it go;
trust in change, not status quo.
When nothing seems to go as planned,
forge a new direction.

JPT3 3/19/20