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  • Cobra virus

    I’m writting with a broken heart
    To lost generations with ears sewn shut
    I feel so lost, the carpet pulled from under
    I am just sit stunned and wonder
    Where did this virus, the Cobra Covid snake, this damn excuse?
    Come from
    From what Kabbal, or sorcerers den
    From what lying rich shoe
    As the other shoe dropped
    The black swan is kept in a cage
    Just until the body feels the rage
    Not of infection but panic direction
    Down the single file chute
    I feel like cattle led to slaughter
    Why don’t you feel it?
    Denial is a blessing if you can handle it
    I can’t I see the truth through all your lies
    You loser bitch, devil
    You are not as powerful as who am I
    You have lost at the cross
    In all these things we will come out victors
    It is just a matter of time
    This cursed cobra of a disease is pissing me off
    I lost my right to my healthy life style based on the gym
    But no, weaken me so the virus can come in
    On this sad day of march 15 two thousand and twenty
    Locked me into the house with me and my wife
    Plus my little Mexican girlfriend Molly Bonita
    Mi linda Carita, Chihuahua Perrita,
    Now she is the only ray in our cold house
    Cold from letting the devil split us apart
    Truth versus Deception
    When two worlds collide.\
    I so need a trip to see the manta ray
    What else can I say, to taste the salt
    In the Cortez sea again.
    Swim with the fish one more time
    But not the last
    With a tank of gas
    Down the Las parades de Los Cabos
    Full of brilliant tropical fish
    You going to take that away from me?
    I will kick your ass devil
    I am greater than thou art
    Piece of shit diry fart
    Step on you head
    IN the name of Jesus Christ,
    The best will come out of this
    Either I get the trip or it is closed doors
    Our something unimaginable better will come
    To the Glory of God!!