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  • Lipoma

    To my chagrin as all had to begin
    From the blue pajama room to the place with over head lamps
    The surgery was minor and tools sat on the stands
    Open my head above my brow
    I could scream but not right now
    Right above my closed shut eye
    Needles injections oh so benign
    Was the pain felt far away
    Could not tell the cut from the blade
    Or how many injections that day
    More cutting and pulling tugging my skin
    Thought it was over but they just begin
    Never ending long one hour
    Squeezing my hands to have power
    And singing a Spanish melody
    All to make me more handsome and
    To take out the fatty tumor
    Over my eye, it hurts, But I am in good humor
    Can I keep it for my very own?
    The piece you lifted off my bone
    The lipoma the was really home grown
    But finally they sewn me shut
    Little blood loss and a small cut

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    Wouldn't want to go through that, fasteel. Glad you made it, you undoubtedly handsome devil. Thanks for sharing!