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  • Goblin-ization

    Goblin-ization ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    We aren't facing " Globalization "
    This is , face to face " Goblin-ization "
    These idiots want to rearrange
    Well two can play at this game
    Goblins , the devil's treasured pasties
    Mindless nincompoops corrupt and nasty
    This is what we're up against
    This is evil on steroids , condensed !
    Willing to weaken and compromise
    These creatures walk among us in disguise
    Listen to what is being said
    From these narcissistic lump heads
    Unleashed and unable to refrain
    They are happy to point and blame
    These are traitors make no mistake
    You know the ones , handing out pitch forks and rakes !
    Flash the " Bat Signal " , sound the whistle
    " We've been " Double Crossed , it's official "!
    Trump is Capt. America Van Helsing " and Zachary Taylor all rolled into one
    Rally behind our President make these minions pay for their " insidious end run "
    Not for one minute do I think these morons DON"T have an antidote ?
    It's in the " ship's hold " on their getaway boat
    I'm sure after duping the harbor master
    The devil was heard yelling , " faster faster " !
    So watch out Mr. President , Bernie and Joe
    Watch for the " Entitled Ebb flow "
    There wont be any " Ark " this time around
    The goblins have sawed the mooring posts off close to the ground
    What they don't know is they're headed into a front
    They will pay for this treacherous stunt
    This Imminent petulance peril will , " come about "
    When the ill winds turn on them , no doubt !
    These castaways will be waiting for that " olive branch "
    But it will be a vulture leading THEM to the FEMA camps !
    Oh ! , that other " L " I didn't use
    It's for the LOSERS they are and their abuse !

    I pray everyone else will be safe , God Bless , Spring is coming !
    Last edited by Glen MItton; 03-15-2020, 08:58 AM.