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The Way of the Wind

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  • The Way of the Wind

    The Way of the Wind

    I asked a sailor the way of the wind;
    squinting a glint, the sailor grinned.

    “The wind has a way of calling home
    those of its kind—who tend to roam.

    “It whispers a wisp on your ears and face,
    then freshens to bellow a faraway place—

    “where pelicans glide and sugar palms sway,
    and silver light sparkles in ocean spray;

    “where rippling wavelets lick at the breeze—
    adorning the crests on gathering seas;

    “where clouds drift softly, slowly by—
    aloft, across the rolling sky.

    “Off and away—the fair wind blows,
    to carry a heart the scent of a rose;

    “to sing in the rigging; to sigh at the moon;
    to lull the doldrums or to spin a typhoon.

    “Light air will beckon the rover within—
    when a puff caresses a whiskered chin;

    “growing to tug at adventure’s lust
    that a gale may follow the blast of a gust;

    “for wind has ways to muster its might—
    to lash a whip or to sting a bite;

    “reminding us our time is dear—
    as moments flow so very near.

    “In telling its story by tempest or breath,
    the wind renders glory to life and to death.”

    “So,” said the sailor: “the way for me
    is over the mountainous waves—and free.”

    JPTIII - 9 November 2018

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    Couplets construct
    a necklace
    of pearls.
    You are acing it!


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      I just kinda gotta echo what Johntee was saying, I thought the diction was very effective in giving the 'maritime' atmosphere. Cool poem, love the subject! Peace