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  • <~+-[ heading for the sun ]

    in the ruins, a blackened lion roars
    on fire with the night before, and today;
    smoking cinders, blocks between blown across--
    momentum from claw to the individual nail--
    spread like the filings of this wonder:
    upon shore of rainbow sand, laid,
    gasping for more than air, sinking. eyelids--
    heavy with the coined moon up overhead,
    have flattened all scenes, until
    above the sea the wings reflect below,--
    and droplets of water seem to swallow,--
    as they bobber in the sea, and I am lost,
    as all lovers lost in love: together as one.
    up and down, made to this roaming,
    through the regions in the black lion's mane
    his entire body engulfed by living flames,
    and made stronger from the deadly pain.

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    Water into water be one
    cloud, sun, ocean or again
    rain, river, ocean


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
      Editing a comment
      keen insights you bring forth
      i appreciate the nuggets for what it's worth

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    Yeah, I'm gonna read this a few more times. It's really cool.


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      Hello you guys. So I saw this poster space at the movies for children to color, before I went in to see "Onward", and on one of the pics it was a lion scribbled with yellow and orange crayon which looked so much like fire. I had never seen that, and that's that main part of this poem.