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Standing Stones, Island of Lewis

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  • Standing Stones, Island of Lewis

    the rocked shut stones stand in forever prayer, as the little eddies jettison into the rest of the colored cloud bunching high up. there is as a black silence glinting and reflecting in the architecture of things, and the world stands still, lit from within, from behind. other worldly beauty unearthed across the ditch, stuck in the sky, apple-scented treasure. the little blue fronds blossom at the foot of the stones, and a twilight spirit eats the air as everything moves underneath a shroud. the tomes of sadness do not speak, the library of vision pulls itself shut. behind wings, behind the light, immortal they kneel, frozen into a different dimension beyond this one. unto the sky made bright by the electric air, unto the mouths in feast that feast underground, where stars blink and blacken in shuttered moments.... too much, too loud, the mood changes, and the moon, mostly full, finally comes out. neon edges, creases, mirrors in the hedges... eyes that see but cannot be seen. the ground remembers the feet which have turned to the sky, the waiting figures beyond us, enshrouded, have gone to another life: this world they left behind. it seems we're behind them, and the wrinkles of time in them have hardened over, and black mixed with grey, silvery hints burnish them in a gloss of rose. i smell nothing now. the burned and burning has separated. we are left here, drowning and dizzy in flooding light... until we also cease to move, and gain what we lost while moving. is there some sudden explanation, that everything turns black? the sky opens, and the ground, filled with stars, swirls upwards. --everything changed.​
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    AmenOra Thank you. You transported me there and what a sight


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      There is such an affinity with those places of the North, sight and geography. I was really inspired by this pic, thanks for readin'!

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    Graved and striated,
    bedded of the weary earth
    in Auroral dance they stand
    and of the ages, wait.
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