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The Freckled Face of a Girl

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  • The Freckled Face of a Girl

    Dappled grey horses
    sweat crusted and weary
    hooves drifting dust
    lift a day
    passing dreary
    The harness bells faded
    reigned in at the rill
    a cool running brook
    near the base of our hill
    My eyes
    I'm a lad
    scant older than four
    brought visions to mind
    full of wonders in store
    A wagon decked out
    like a big city market
    he lifted the side
    then he shook out the carpet
    Our old kitchen door
    screamed out
    lack of oil
    a kettle
    clanged gently
    just set on to boil
    E'er mother's voice shouted
    "I think it's the Pox
    the old folks have died
    I've been digging their plots"
    "My father's in bed
    and they won't let me near"
    the stranger walked by
    with a smile
    mussed my hair
    Went in with a bag
    full of magic he grows
    started mixing a broth
    made with god only knows
    Tip toed on a box
    dragged in from the yard
    through windows
    he folded
    gunpowder with lard
    The screams of my father
    sent tears to my eyes
    they rubbed him completely
    in spite of his cries
    They fed him the broth
    a few drops at a time
    I climbed off the box
    with his horses in mind
    "The horses love apples"
    I turned with a whirl
    peeking out from his wagon
    the freckled face
    of a girl
    In moments I knew her
    a lifetime
    it seemed
    a most likeable friend
    who knew all the schemes
    As father got better
    t'was time to move on
    her father
    a doctor
    a peddler
    a con
    He'd done us a service
    we could never repay
    though he sold us an organ
    an' stool
    by the way
    Each year they returned
    once or twice
    they dropped by
    little freckle faced Mary
    the girl of my eye
    They'd rest a few days
    with each visit
    it's true
    she wrote the best love songs
    while I wrote the tunes
    Then one night it happened
    'neath moon and the stars
    consummating a love
    that would forever
    be ours
    He stumbled upon us
    but said not a word
    in the morning
    so early
    fading echoes we heard
    Ne'er again did we see them
    though rumors
    of peril ...
    my parents expired
    to a place 'neath the barrow
    Five years had surpassed
    isolation and grief
    knocked a lamp
    from the table
    when I'd fallen asleep
    The house nearly cinder
    an' I felt like the fool
    only item I'd saved
    was the old organ stool
    Just sat there and watched
    till the sun broke the morn
    in the distance
    an echo
    I'd heard years before
    Then over the rise
    sweat crusted and weary
    two dappled grey horses
    on a day
    passing dreary
    The horses reigned in
    right next to the rill
    that sweet running brook
    at the base of our hill
    A woman climbed down
    took a step
    to the glade
    the dawning day's sun
    streaming in to pervade
    A light in my heart
    jumped a thousand times fold
    the smile in her eyes
    and the story's been told
    The tears
    fell in rapture
    though nothing was said
    now with Mary
    she'd returned from the dead
    She unhitched the horses
    I lifted the side
    "The years have been kind"
    I said
    lifting her pride
    "Are you my daddy?"
    I turned with a whirl
    peeking out from the wagon
    the freckled face
    of a girl

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